Car Travel Log calculator

Recording your car klm’s has never been easier. This free app allows you to records your these details and it will calculate your deduction for the end of year tax return.

Car log tax app

Important things to know. The app saves as you go along, so you can come back at any time and restart and all your data will be there. The app is free to use, until you submit your tax return, and if your the tax man, we will submit your return for free.

Automatic tax travel log for cars

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Easy to use

Free to use.

The Refunded Car Travel log found within the App provides a simple way to record your work travel based on the fix rate car travel option.

The app will store the

  • Date
  • Start Location
  • Destination
  • Klms 

Caculating the distances travel and the deduction you can claim. All save in the system so at the end of yyear you tax deductions are recirded and ready to claim. If you are not sure if you can claim travel, read below for more information.

Free Travel log App for tax

Trips you can and can’t claim for

As per the ATO Website

Trips while working and between workplaces

You can claim a tax deduction for the cost of transport on trips to:

  • perform your work duties – for example, if you travel from your regular place of work to meet with a client
  • attend work-related conferences or meetings away from your regular place of work
  • deliver items or collect supplies
  • go between 2 or more separate places of employment, such as if you have more than one job (but not if one of the places is your home)
  • go from your
    • regular place of work to an alternative place of work that isn’t a regular place of work (for example, a client’s premises) while still on duty, and back to your regular place of work or directly home
    • home to an alternative place of work that isn’t a regular place of work to perform your duties, and then to your regular place of work or directly home (this doesn’t apply if the alternative place of work has become a regular workplace).
    Free Tax App Cents per klm for ATO  deductions

    Not sure what you can claim? we have plenty of help on the website to help, however, don’t forget to check the for things youre not sure of.

    Trips between home and work

    Other deductions: You may also be able to claim a deduction for:

    These trips put you in a position to start work and earn income but are not part of performing your work duties. The cost of these trips is a private expense.

    This is the case even if you:

    • live a long way from your regular place of work
    • work outside normal business hours – for example, shift work or overtime
    • do minor work-related tasks on the way to work or the way home – for example, picking up the mail
    • go between your home and regular place of work more than once a day
    • are on call – for example, you are on standby duty and your employer contacts you at home to come into work
    • have no public transport near where you work
    • do some work at home
    • work from your home running your own business and travel directly to a place of work where you work for somebody else.

    You can’t claim trips between your home and place of work, except in limited circumstances  (search the ATO website for Travel between home and work and between workplaces)

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