The following information is provided as a convenience and has been sourced from the Australian Tax Office website. Any links below will open in a new window on the ATO website.

You can claim a deduction for expenses you incur in managing your own tax affairs, such as the cost to lodge through a registered agent. Costs you can claim a deduction for include:

  • those associated with preparing and lodging your tax return and activity statements, such as
    • buying tax reference material
    • tax return preparation courses
    • lodging your tax return through a registered tax agent
    • obtaining tax advice from a recognised tax adviser (a registered tax agent, barrister or solicitor)
    • dealing with us about your tax affairs
    • buying software that allows you to prepare and lodge your tax return.
      You can only claim a portion of the cost if you also use the software for other purposes.
  • travel costs you incur to obtain tax advice – for example, the travel costs of attending a meeting with a recognised tax adviser
  • litigation costs including court and Administrative Appeals Tribunal fees, solicitor, barrister and other legal costs
  • obtaining a valuation for a deductible gift or donation of property, or for a deduction for entering into a conservation covenant
  • an interest charge we impose – see Interest charged by the ATO.

If you receive a single invoice for preparing your tax returns or the tax returns for associated persons (such as a spouse), you need to split the fees you incur. You must also:

  • be able to show how you work out the cost for each
  • keep evidence to support the deduction you claim.

You generally incur the fees in the year you pay them.