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Here are few things you should know.

Welcome to our mobile tax app for Australia

The intial figures are only a guide and the more honest you are, the more accurate it is, veryfy yourself in the app (with the ATO) and we can give you accurate information.

Australia's only complete mobile tax app

Identifying yourself through your license and medicare is the simplest way. If you choose to use your ATO account information to log in, please check your information is in your ATO account and not your tax agent. To check your information is accurate, Click Here

A few quick things

you should know

This app is free to use for

  • Recording deductions
  • Using the Cents per Klm Calculator
  • Using the work from home Calculator
  • Estimates
  • Benchmarking
  • Reporting
  • Storing your first 4 receipts
  • Its also free if you owe the taxman (not getting a refund)

So what do you pay for?

  • Storing more than 4 receipts
  • End of year tax submission ($24.95)

Thats right, only $24.95 to comete you tax return. How do we keep the cost so low?

Simple, we have developed he software to run a lot of the processes automatically and therefore need a smaller team to look after and continually improve the, customer queries and pay the bills. We don’t have a large team and most importantly you are self-serving most of your tax return.

The app saves as you go along, so you can come back at any time and restart and all your data will be there. The app is free to use, until you submit your tax return, and if your the tax man, we will submit your return for free.

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Refunded is designed for people with non-complex tax requirements but we can also help you if you need an accountant. If you want help, simply use our contact form and we will try our best to help you.

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