Why does this app exist?

Well, you’ve worked hard all year and done the right thing and now you have to jump through one more hoop, The Tax Return; and the Refunded app is here to help you complete your tax in a more convenient, simpler and cheaper way.

Tax returns are often time consuming, booking in with a tax agent, travel time, answering the same old questions, losing hours of your time, and of course the fee is never the amount they advertised it for.

Consider the benefits of Refunded.

The most convenient solution available

You can complete your tax return in the convenience of your lounge room, bedroom, lunch break or on public transport.

Free to use

That’s right, you download the app, and you can login to instantly see your starting tax position, adding your deductions and seeing what your Refund may be. There is no charge until you lodge and free if you owe the ATO money.

Only $24.95 to lodge

If you are happy with your return, then simply pay $24.95 and lodge your tax return.

You can trust us.

We have worked hard with the ATO over many months to be fully integrated and certified. Refunded are registered tax agents with the Tax Partitioners board, approved by both the Australian Tax Department. We are also ISO27001 Certified

Your Money, fast into your account

You will be receiving your tax return directly into your account from the ATO, this speeds up the process.

How can Refunded do this?

Easy, much like your tax agent, the ATO provides us with your tax information for the relevant financial year. This will show earnings, taxes paid, shares, bank interest, lump sum payments etc, everything your accountant is shown, and you get to see it.