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Refunded was started by a passionate team including accountants that could see that the tax system is not that complicated in a lot of cases and unless it is, then why not self-serve. The increase in people using the government solution is ever-growing but isn’t quite friendly to work with. Refunded has developed a solution that provides people with an option to review their tax position in seconds, then choose to either accept or look to add deductions, all whilst using their mobile device. Tax Returns made easy.

Value for Money

At Refunded, we know that it is hard enough to earn your money so we developed a way to save you even more.

Free to use

We believe that companies need to add value to all customers and Refunded allows you to use the app for free until you are ready to submit, pay only once you are happy.

Adjust as you work

We know that you may not have all the answers straight away, so take you time, check for your receipts, research your claims and all before committing.


Isn’t it nice to have options. Refunded is designed so that you can consider all aspects and then if you decide to go to a tax agent instead, its all free. Its nice to know you have options right.

The Future of Tax is Here

Refunded has reviewed the options and found that there is a gap in the market. Helping people to complete a tax return in the comfort of their own home, or even when sitting on a train or bus heading to work

What do we stand for

Making a Tax Return Easy

Wer’e focused on making Tax easier for every one that doesnt have complex tax.

We care about you

We care about you enough to know that if you have to pay that you don’t need the woes of more bills, You can simply submit your tax return for free, that’s right, if you owe money to the tax man, you can submit your tax for free through our app. After all its just rude to ask for $100 and still have to pay the tax man, am I right?

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