If you wish to find your tax file number then you can

  • Look on your employee documents
  • Call the ATO on 13 28 61
  • Login to your MyGov account (click here for a example)

Are you looking to apply for a Tax File Number

There are several ways to apply for a Tax File Number

  1. If this is your first job, you employee will likely hand you a form to fill out
  2. You can apply at a participating Australia Post centre.
  3. You can apply online here
  4. You can seek help from the ATO via 13 28 61

Logging in to MyGov

Make sure you have connected you ATO account to your MyGov account, this is a simple process. Simply log in to MyGov and select add a service, the click on the ATO option. Once connected you can easily see all your information relating to you ATO account. Ensure your latest contact information including contact number and address are up to date.