Is Refunded right for me?

Refunded will work for most people, covering the majority of requirements but if you are not sure, then simply check below for the features of Refunded.

Tax refunded -

Refunded is ideal for anyone with non-complex tax needs, most people have basic tax requirements and want to simply get their tax return completed and get on with life. Thats were Refunded comes in. You can complete a tax return in minutes in the right preperation, you can complete a tax return on your way home via public transport, or even in your lunch break. One Refunded customer who didn’t have anything to claim, finished in under 3 minutes.

Tax Return Free Image - Refunded

Multiple Jobs

Yes, Refunded will know that you have had multiple jobs if you supplied your TFN to your employer

Interest on savings

Yes, Refunded will provide you with interest from all your accounts automatically as long as your bank knows your TFN


Yes, Refunded will provide your share information, once again, as long as your TFN is associated with these shares

Quickest tax return

Claims & Deductions

Yes, the app allows for claims and deductions just like you would normally do.

Mixed Payments

So you were unemployed part of the year, it doesnt matter, the app knows this and provides all your requirements

Private Health

You may or may not have had private health, you may have started half way through the year, this is all catered for

$24.95 tax returns

I pay child support

Thats alright, we can handle that

I worked from home

Yes, you can claim through the app for working at home.

Personal Super Contributions

Yes, if you added extra to your superannuation then you can add these payments.

Australian Mobile Tax App

Self Managed Super Funds

These can be quite complex so if you need helps, ask one of our tax agents

Business Tax

Well, not via the app, if you have business tax needs then contact us here

Investment Properties

This needs a lot more thought and therefore we recommend using our accountants


Refunded is designed for people with non-complex tax requirements but we can also help you if you need an accountant. If you want help, simply use our contact form and we will try our best to help you.

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