Frequently Asked Questions

by | Apr 23, 2021

Can I recall and change / add to my tax return after I have lodged it?

Not through the app, you may submit a change through a registered tax practitioner. Refunded can help you through one of our qualified tax agents or you can seek support from your local tax specialists.

Can I submit my tax return if I don’t know my tax file number?

No, you will need you tax file number. If you wish to find your tax file number then you can

  • Look on your employee documents
  • Call the ATO on 13 28 61
  • Login to your MyGov account
How can I get a tax file number?

There are several ways to apply for a Tax File Number

  1. If this is your first job, you employee will likely hand you a form to fill out
  2. You can apply at a participating Australia Post centre.
  3. You can apply online here
  4. You can seek help from the ATO via 13 28 61
Do I need my employer group certificate to lodge my tax return?

No, once you give us your details including your Tax File Number we will be able to find all you tax information supplied by your employer(s). You can review your information from this pre-fill return

Can I speak to a tax accountant before submitting my return?

You can but this would be separate to this APP and any charges would be in addition to your submission fee.

Can I use this App if I am under 18

You can use the app for a range of the tools provided including storing deductions, cents per klms and of course any work from home hours you may want to claim, however, we cannot submit your tax return as we do not complete tax returns for anyone under the age of 18.

Do I need to double check the Refunded income pre-fill?

It is always ideal to review your pre-fill information. You can never assume that every employer has passed on all your information. If for any reason you fill that the pre-fill data is wrong, then you should seek the help of a Tax Specialist.

If the pre-fill is incorrect and I lodge my tax return, will I get in trouble?

You are responsible for submitting accurate information not matter how you choose to submit your tax return. If for any reason you feel the pre-fill information is not accurate, seek the help of a Tax Specialist.

How can I contact Refunded if I have a more complex question that isn’t in the list of FAQ’s

The Refunded App is not designed to provide Tax Advice.

If the question is that is related to your personal tax position then you can use the list of accounts provided on the this site to speak directly with an accountant, or you cant seek your own tax specialist.

If the question is not a tax related question then please use our contact form to ask your question

Does my tax return come directly to me?

Yes, Refunded passes on your bank details directly to the ATO so they pay you.

How many working days will it take for my tax refund to be credited to my bank account?

This is hard to say as it does vary but a good estimate is 2 to 3 weeks.

Can I have my refund credited to another bank account that is not mine?

Refunded allows you to place any bank details in you like, this will be passed to the ATO for payment. You should consider this for the next year though and ensure you adjust if required.

Will I receive a summary of my tax return, including all incomes, taxes paid and deductions?

You will receive a summary after you have paid for your submission.

Can Refunded provide me with tax advice?

Sorry, Refunded cannot provide tax advice. Think of Refunded as a software solution for you to quickly and effectively communicate with the ATO directly. If you wish to have tax advice then we can provide you with the contact details of a tax specialist, however, this comes with additional fees.

Who is refunded and why do they exist?
  1. Refunded was developed because there was a need for people with simple tax requirements to be able to complete a tax return on their own terms.
  2. Examples of these may be
    1. You don’t have any deductions you want to claim, you simply want to complete your return with the default position the ATO has stated.
    2. You downloaded you pre-fill data and you are happy with the result and you just want complete without booking into a tax agent or similar.
    3. You know what you can claim and just want a simple way to do this.

There are a wide range of reasons but Refunded exists to empower its users so they can quickly and efficiently complete simple tax returns on their own terms.

Is Refunded an authorised tax agent for processing tax returns?

Refunded is a registered Tax Agent and authorised to submit Tax Returns. In fact Refunded is directly connect in to the ATO system where as  the is not the case for most other solutions, in addition Refunded is certified ISO 27001. 

Does Refunded receive my tax refund from the ATO and then pass the refund onto me?

No, we provide the ATO with your bank details and they pay you any entitlements direct

Where does Refunded get my tax return pre-fill information including my income, taxes paid etc?

Refunded receives this information directly from the Australian Tax Office

Will my tax return pre-fill include all bank interest, dividends etc?

If you have provided your bank with your Tax File Number then this information will be provided to the ATO and therefore be part of your pre-fill information. You will be able to check this on you pre-fill information.

Can I use Refunded if I have shares and a investment property?

We do not recommend Refunded for these solutions at this time. We recommend that you use a tax specialists for this type of tax return

Will my tax pre-fill include my investment property rental income?

Most likely however Refunded is designed for simply tax returns and we recommend you use a tax specialist for investments such as this.

Does the team Refunded have access to any of my tax return information (income, investments, tax and personal information?

The team at Refunded does not review this information, this is passed directly to you and back to the ATO

What does Refunded do with my tax return information, including my personal information?

 Refunded keeps any claims and deductions you make for future reference. Your tax return itself is stored with the ATO and not with Refunded.

Are there any hidden costs I will need to pay on top of the $24.95 Refunded fee?

There are no hidden fees, Refunded is justifiably cheap as you are completing your tax return

How does refunded keep the cost of submitting my tax return to only $24.95?

Simple, we have developed he software to run a lot of the processes automatically and therefore need a smaller team to look after and continually improve the, customer queries and pay the bills. We don’t have a large team and most importantly you are self-serving most of your tax return.

I am a few years behind in lodging my tax returns, is this an issue, will I get in trouble?

You are required to submit a tax return each year you work as PAYG or PAYE. Refunded would recommend you meet with a Tax Accountant or similar to help you catch up before using this app

Is there a cut off time to lodge my tax return, and if I lodge it late, is there a penalty?

If you are suppose to submit a Tax return, then the cut off date is the 31st of Oct, the ATO has the right to fine late tax returns under certain conditions.

Will my salary sacrifice superannuation amount be reported in my PAYG payment summary and tax return pre-fill?

Yes it will

Do I need to declare Centrelink income in my tax return?

This would be included in your pre-fill information if your information is all up to date, please ensure you check

. How long do I need to keep my tax return documents for?

For any deductions made through simple tax you should keep all the receipts for 3 years minimum.

Australian Tax Return Calculator

Don’t be fooled, Refunded is not a taxback calculator, it provides so much more functionality. There are many versions of tax return calculators on websites, however Refunded has taken the time to allow you to place individual items into your lists and continually improve on your list over time ensuring you have every chance to receive the best refund you can. You will also have the ability to research what you can and can’t claim and come back to the app to add as much or as little as you like. This is a true tax return calculator and remember, if you are not getting refund then it is free to submit your tax return.
The ATO tax refund calculator may be a good place to start but Refunded is like this but on steroids.

Australian Tax Return Calculator
Australian E Tax Accountants

E tax accountants

Don’t be fooled by promises around worlds like e tax, online tax etc. often these systems are design so that you do the work and then you still end up paying top dollars to submit. Refunded allows you to simply do the same but with a lot less cost and yet a lot more flexibility.

Tax return estimate

The benefit of Refunded is that you can get an estimate of your tax return without paying a cent, that’s right, the software is free to use, the only time you pay is if you decide to submit your tax return. By simply adding your details you can get an instant update on your tax position, your potential return and if you owe anything you can take some time to ensure you are minimising your tax, from there, if you don’t expect a refund then we will submit your tax return for free.

Tax return estimate